Saint Valentine's 3D Screensaver

Saint Valentine's 3D Screensaver

Saint Valentine’s 3D Screensaver will fill your screen with love

Love! What a wonderful feeling! Nowadays, Valentine's Day is one of the most popular celebrations in the whole world. Do you sometimes, or often, have problems choosing a gift for your loved one? Do you want something that will remind both of you about that wonderful feeling? Saint Valentine’s 3D Screensaver will fill your screen with love.

This beautiful screensaver will help you to remember that special person in your life all year long. Do you feel tired and stressed? Don’t worry anymore.
As soon as your computer goes idle, your screen will make you think about love and everything that goes with it.

The image in itself is nothing that great. But the feeling that it will provide is beyond comparison. You will see the interior of a house, with a nicely decorated table. Probably it is February 14th, and you are ready to surprise your loved one with a significant gift and a special card.

What do many women like as a gift of love? Many of them just die when they receive a nice teddy bear. And if you accompany it with some romantic words, she will surely remember you forever. All of a sudden, a lot of red hearts will start flying around your screen. There’s simply no way that you can forget this special festivity. Flying hearts will be all over, as you watch the gift, a card and a couple of glasses of champagne or wine. You can even see the bubbles rising from the cups.

Saint Valentine’s 3D Screensaver adds another nice feature to your desktop. On the table, along with the presents, you will see a clock that displays the real time. So now you will be able to think about your love for that special person in your life, but will never lose track of time. You will surely enjoy this screensaver. Get ready to delight with the feeling of love.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty and relaxing
  • Real time clock


  • Just one scene
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